How can the Cultural Intelligence Collective help you support your global workforce?


Your global workforce relocates internationally to meet your business needs. To do this well they need to:

  • adapt well to their new locations
  • perform well regardless of cultural differences
  • complete their assignment term 

Research shows that those who have higher Cultural Intelligence (both the employee and the employee's partner) are more likely to do all of the above.

The e-learning resources in the Cultural Intelligence Collective learning program are designed to build cultural intelligence for all the family.

Built around the stages of relocation, the e-books, audio files, video interviews and monthly webinars are available for your employees to help them to:

  • Leave Well
  • Hit the Ground Running 
  • Thrive in Tough Times
  • Build a Flourishing Life 
  • Return 'Home'

How can you help the family members?

We know now that the most common reasons for assignment failure are partner and family dissatisfaction. We also know that in terms of cultural and location adjustment, family problems can impact negatively on your employee's performance.

Resources on are designed, not just for your employees, but also for their partners, young children, school-aged children and teenagers. In other words, when we consider the overseas assignment, we also consider the needs of the whole family. When purchasing a family membership you are ensuring that everyone is supported as they make the big move.

Often IHR Managers are unable to provide the type of regular contact that will ensure their employees do not feel "out of sight and out of mind". With twice-monthly emails and with monthly webinar invitations during the year-long membership period, your employees will feel valued and supported through

How does it work?

Because these resources are web-based, they are available 24/7 and can be accessed when convenient for your employees all around the world. After you have approved the membership, we contact your employee with a password for the website and we continue to stay in touch. Our emails speak to them about the issues they may face at different stages of the relocation, and invite them to learning events (webinars) via the Internet which are included in the membership fee.

The membership can act as an on-going reinforcement of prior learning, or if your budget or time doesn't support face-to-face learning or coaching, we can provide a lower budget / time precious alternative.

Are these quality resources?

All the resources have been prepared by qualified psychologists who specialise in business and intercultural psychology. In addition, our psychologists have personal experience living and working as expats. The founder of CICollective, Trisha Carter has worked with hundreds of expatriate families from over sixty different countries during the past fifteen years. Both the learning processes and the content stem from evidence- based models, which have been tested in the psychological research.

Is it really important? Other expats have survived without this assistance and people are more culture savvy these days.

On a global scale, the world seems to be getting smaller, particularly as we work with people from various countries and cultures. Yet cross-cultural confusion and miscommunication still happens on the global stage. Even today, expatriates will often hit a culture shock or tough time period and partner or family dissatisfaction is still the leading cause bringing unhappy employees home early from assignment.

You need a global workforce and to enable employees to work effectively, you need to provide them with the correct training and resources so they can learn and develop the cultural intelligence to work to their potential.

What is the investment?  Please note SPECIAL RATE for A LIMITED TIME

For the low cost of AUS $490 per family, for a limited time this has been reduced to AUD$420 -your employees receive a year's membership to giving them access to over 30 eBooks, as well as video and audio resources, regular emails, ask the expert contact and monthly webinars.

For a limited time this has been reduced to AUD$420. You can pay using a credit card and sign your employee up here, or click on the button below to email us about purchasing membership for large numbers of employees.

We look forward to working with you and your employees.