The First 90 Days in Your New Job Overseas


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New Job in a New Location! Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

“What you do early on during a job transition is what matters most. Your colleagues and your boss form opinions about you based on limited information, and those opinions are sticky—it’s hard to change their minds.” 

 MICHAEL WATKINS (HBS Author and Researcher)  Author of 'The First 90 Days'

Transitioning to a new role can be a challenge in any role, but if the transition is to a new role in another country -things get more complex.  

We know that transitioning globally can present challenges. Language, cultural differences, climate and infrastructure can be hurdles to be overcome. 

How can you use the first 90 days in your new role overseas to set yourself up for success? 

This is the latest webinar from Trisha Carter, Intercultural Specialist, Organisational Psychologist and founder of the Cultural Intelligence Collective. 

Who is this for? 

Expatriate employees, migrants, and anyone starting a new role overseas 
Those who support expats in their global experiences 

In this webinar you will; 
Consider strategies to set yourself up for success in this role in a new country including; 
• Establishing an effective working relationship with your boss 
• Identifying early wins to create an upward cycle of success 
• Understanding you - the skills and strengths that got you here 
• Researching your new situation and the strategies appropriate 
• How to build your team and cohort in this culture 

Join us for 40 minutes of discussion, tips and time for questions.

Your host is Trisha Carter, Organisational Psychologist and Cultural Intelligence Facilitator.  Trisha has been working for over fifteen years with corporations and government departments developing global skill-sets in their leaders and employees.  She has delivered intercultural and cross cultural training, coaching and presentations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Papua New Guinea, UK and the USA.

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