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Building Cultural Intelligence with Trisha Carter


Trisha talks about Cultural Intelligence with Gihan Perera

This is a podcast from Gihan Perera's 'I Matter' podcast of regular ideas, interviews and insights into leveraging your leadership – through better communication, on-line learning and Internet marketing.

I've know Gihan for a while as he has helped on on my journey of understanding and utilising the internet better.  We've talked often about my work as he shares many of my delights and concerns about the value and opportunities of cultural differences.

In this podcast Gihan interviews me on my favourite topic of cultural intelligence. We talk about multi-cultural teams, virtual teams, global relocation and mobility and how cultural intelligence can help us to navigate those experiences well.  


Do expats lack self-control?

We are now into the second quarter of 2015 and at this point nobody would be blaming you for giving up on your New Year’s resolutions.  Research from the University of Scranton by John Norcross suggests that only 46% of people who make NY resolutions to change something in their life are still on track at the six-month point. 

But as I said in a previous blog on this topic, I reckon expats (at least those new to their location) have some odds stacked against them when it comes to wanting to change behaviours.  One of the things adding to that stack is the challenge that I think exists to the expat’s reserves of self-control.

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Expats and goal achievement – or, why you might have given up on your New Year’s resolutions.

Recently I was re-reading one of my favourite books about goal achievement (by Heidi Grant Halvorsen) and was struck by the thought that expats - especially new expats - have things stacked against them in achieving their goals.  

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“If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything” –The Princess Bride

We often casually acknowledge the importance of health –“if you haven’t got your health then you haven’t got anything” as Count Rugen said in The Princess Bride movie.   Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not until I’m on a hospital bed with people taking repeated vials of blood for testing that I really appreciate that truism. 

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Holidays -who needs them?

Like many of you I’m looking at my schedule and planning what needs to be completed between now and the holiday season.  The countdown is on.  Each year it seems that the race to festivities and celebrations begins sooner.  Here in Australia Christmas decorations are already in most department stores and many of the large shopping malls. 

It’s easy to become cynical and negative as the festivities combine with end-of-year pressures creating a pressure cooker effect.  Work tasks combine with work related celebrations and events and leave little time to consider family needs or to reflect on the meaning behind celebrations. 

For expats there are the added challenges of adapting to a culture that may not acknowledge your celebration, or where the climate is opposite to your usual festive triggers, or where your favourite food or decorations may be absent.   

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