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Malala Yousafzai: ‘Even the darkest of acts are capable of bringing great light’

Over an amazing evening in Sydney, my daughter, goddaughter and I, listened to the wisdom and courage of Malala Yousafzai.  I captured a few of her thoughts – I hope they inspire you as much as they did us.



On her work for girls’ education:

 ‘Our voices are our most powerful weapons’

 ‘I stand up for 130 million girls who are not in school, who are not receiving an education - because

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What do you really think about rules?

Last year I wrote about cultural differences that can be difficult to adapt to – focusing at that time on the differences in Power and Status. 

Another area that can cause difficulty is attitudes to Rules and Laws and how we think they should - or shouldn't - apply.

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Cross Cultural Communication - what about it?

After a recent workshop on Misunderstandings, Misperceptions, Missed Opportunities - the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication – I felt like I had just scratched the surface with a multi-lingual, multi-national, multicultural group. I would have loved to have the time to unpick the topic further with them all - so decided to explore it further via this blog.  

Yes, culture can interfere with communication in many ways. The misunderstandings, misperceptions and missed opportunities are real.

On reflection, I told myself that they already knew that – if not explicitly in relation to all the things we discussed, but they knew that intuitively. They had felt that in the different places they had lived, worked and built relationships; the boardrooms, schoolrooms, staff rooms, lunch rooms, living rooms, shops and cafes you’ve frequented. 

What do we do about it? 

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Some things change… and some things stay the same

 - 20 Years of diverse mobile lives 

In March the Families in Global Transition conference was held in The Hague.  It was a celebration of 20 Years - a chance to look back at the beginnings of FIGT, to look at where we are today and reflect on where we want to go.

The speakers and presenters reviewed the past, considered problems and envisaged the future.  It struck me, from a Global Mobility perspective – when it comes to supporting families in global transition -  some things have massively changed and some things remain the same.

What has changed? 

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New Webinar: The First 90 Days in Your New Role Overseas

My latest webinar dealt with the challenges and experiences of the adaptations of the first 90 days in your new role overseas. For an individual settling into a new job there is a break even point between the value an employee takes in and the value that they give, this point is at about 90 days. However, for an employee taking on a new role in a new environment overseas that point may, in fact, be a little bit later. Regardless, that settling in period is an important building block for an employee and so this webinar helps to address that experience.