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Is fear stronger far from home?

It's easier to be afraid when we are far from home.  Close to home, when bad things happen we reach out to others, perhaps do something meaningful together, and the fear lifts.  Away from home the fear can seem more powerful.  Perhaps we are in danger.  We are more vigilant, on high alert for possible threats.

Neuroscience tells us, when we feel threatened our brains change.

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Jet-lag and daylight saving – Sleep problems anyone?

Last month I arrived home from a European /North American trip. On the last leg of my journey I flew from Quebec to Sydney via LA.  It covered many hours and time zones (I reckon it’s best not to count them) and crossed the date line.  So one day disappeared completely.

Our return coincided with the arrival of Daylight Saving.  Some of Australia, (not all -but that’s another topic) lost an hour’s sleep as the clocks went forward so the sunrise was later in the morning. 

Talk about confused body clocks!  

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Travelling, packing and journals

Right now I am travelling.  Apologies for my silence but I have been drinking in the beauty of Europe, the joys of meeting old friends and family and listening to new places. 

As you know I’m a believer in journaling.  The process of learning as you put pen to paper, making a note of what you have seen and heard, then reflecting on what that might mean.  It gives me the added ability to sit above what I might be thinking or feeling and recognise them as my thoughts or feelings. 

I had planned to journal often as we travelled but I haven’t been drawn to it as much as I usually am.  

It may be the journal I’ve brought with me.

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What does Courage have to do with Cultural Intelligence?

A few weeks ago I asked, “What do we want to see in future leaders?” acknowledging that the world is changing and leaders are needed who can lead in the new environment.  Then I discovered that the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, with the help of Deloitte, had given the question an excellent answer. 

Their paper, “Fast Forward:  Leading in a brave new world of diversity” highlights three foundational shifts in the business environment

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What do we want to see in future leaders?

What are the skills, abilities and values we want to see in future leaders?

It’s a question I’ve been pondering this year as I’ve been coaching some potential future leaders from another country. 

It’s a question strong businesses regularly address.  They don’t just ask the question but identify the competencies they want to see

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