How can the Cultural Intelligence Collective help you as you relocate internationally?


If you are moving overseas, there are probably a million things running through your mind. You know there are adventures and opportunities up ahead, and possibly some challenges as well. You also know that there is much you need to learn and much you have to do before this move becomes a reality. If you are being sent overseas by an organisation, then you may already be aware that they want you to:

  • adapt well to the new location 
  • perform well regardless of cultural differences
  • complete the assignment term

In order to meet these outcomes, you will need to develop real cultural intelligence. Research shows that those people with higher cultural intelligence (both employee's and their partners) are able to adapt well, perform well and complete the assignment term.

In addition, we believe that cultural intelligence will enable you to move comfortably between your old home and your new home, and also between the expat culture and the local culture.

The e-learning resources in the CIC learning program are designed to build cultural intelligence for all the family.

Built around the stages of relocation, the e-books, audio files, video interviews and monthly webinars are available for you and your family members to help you


It's not just about supporting the working partner –we know that the needs of all family members are equally important

In fact we now know that most failed international assignments are caused by partner and family dissatisfaction. We also know that in terms of adjusting to culture and location, family problems can impact negatively on the "working" partner's performance.

Resources on are designed for the whole family. In other words, when we consider the overseas assignment, we also consider the needs of the whole family; including partners, young children, school aged children and teenagers. When purchasing a family membership you are ensuring that everyone is supported as they make the big move.

Sometimes when you relocate, it can feel like nobody understands what you are going through, and in addition you may feel out of touch with people at home. We will maintain regular contact through twice-monthly emails and through monthly webinars during the yearly membership period. You will feel understood and supported through

How does it work?

Because these resources are web-based, they are available 24/7 and can be accessed at a time convenient for you. After you have signed up and provided credit card details for payment, we will contact you with a password for the website and we will continue to stay in touch. With access to the website you can begin exploring the resources, reading e-books, listening to audio, and watching videos at your leisure. You can download the videos and share them with your family members to generate discussion about subjects such as cultural differences, stress management, positive psychology and cultural intelligence.

Our practical resources are designed to help you work through some of the difficult discussions that may arise with family members. They include checklists and ideas for activities (for both children and adults).

Our emails will speak to the issues you may encounter at different stages of the relocation, and we will invite you and family members to learning events (webinars) via the Internet, which are included in the membership fee.

Are these quality resources?

All the resources have been prepared by qualified psychologists who specialise in business and intercultural psychology. In addition, our psychologists have personal experience living and working as expats. The founder of CICollective, Trisha Carter has worked with hundreds of expatriate families from over sixty different countries during the past fifteen years. Both the content and the learning processes stem from evidence- based models, which have been tested in the psychological research.

Is it really important? Other expats have survived without this assistance and people are more culture savvy these days.

On a global scale, the world seems to be getting smaller, particularly as we work with people from various countries and cultures. Yet cross-cultural confusion and miscommunication still happens on the global stage. Even today, expatriates will often hit a culture shock or tough time period and partner or family dissatisfaction is still the leading cause bringing unhappy employees home early from assignment.

You want this time abroad to be one of adventure and growth, where you work effectively and enjoy life. To do this you will need training and access to resources so you can develop the cultural intelligence and well-being skills that will work in your new location.


For a low monthly fee (usually $45 for twelve months) or $490 annually we will support you in this adventure. But for a limited time the monthly rate is reduced to AUD $35!  

 You can pay using your credit card and we look forward to staying in touch during the next year.

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