Learning Mandarin -The successes and struggles for an expat in China


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Learning a language as an adult when you’ve never learnt one before could be considered a challenge.  Terry Neal is relishing that challenge.  She’s been living in Chengdu in China for almost 18 months and continues to work on learning to speak, read and write Chinese, while establishing a new educational services company.

How has she approached this language learning opportunity? What strategies, tools and resources has she found helpful?

Terry is an expert in learning and educational processes and systems so she brings the theoretical ‘how’ of best learning experiences to the reality of her daily learning.  

This webinar is for you if you are: 
A language learner or interested in learning a language 
• An expat or expat partner interested in others' experiences
• An expat coach supporting others on their expat journeys

Join us for 40 minutes of discussion, tips and time for questions.

Your host is Trisha Carter, Organisational Psychologist and Cultural Intelligence Facilitator.  Trisha has been working for over fifteen years with corporations and government departments developing global skill-sets in their leaders and employees.  She has delivered intercultural and cross cultural training, coaching and presentations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Papua New Guinea, UK and the USA.

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