Wellbeing for Expats 

How can we build wellbeing and help others to build their wellbeing wherever we are in the world?


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Those of us who work with expats, or who are expats, know that at times of moving homes and jobs, personal wellbeing can be challenged.  Danger and uncertainty in the world around us can further threaten wellbeing.  For partners, loss of employment and identitiy, changing base of support networks can be challenges and for children loss of belonging, loss of friends, perceived loss of competence can all threaten mental and physical health.

What do we do to rebuild wellbeing?  There is an evidence base of sound wellbeing practices that can strengthen and support wherever people are based.  This webinar will discuss these 5 Ways to Wellbeing, the research behind them, the practices that support them and how coaches, parents and partners can support others in their wellbeing.  We will also consider how those ways might be seen differently from different cultural perspectives.

This webinar is for you if you are

  •  An expatriate, repatriate or migrant
  •  A coach of expatriates, repatriates or migrants
  •  A global mobility specialist or Human Resources professional who wants to learn more about wellbeing

Your host is Trisha Carter, Organisational Psychologist and Cultural Intelligence Facilitator.  Trisha has been working for over fifteen years with corporations and government departments developing global skill-sets in their leaders and employees.  She has delivered intercultural and cross cultural training, coaching and presentations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Papua New Guinea, UK and the USA.


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