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Complexity, Thinking styles and Global Mobility

Deciding to move internationally with your work isn’t easy.  It’s a complex decision. 

There are many factors to consider and organise.  Personal, family, and wellbeing factors combine with career and travel opportunities.  Those of us who have moved globally recognise the complexity of these factors. Balancing a great career move for one partner may significantly impact on the career of the other, or the education of the children, or the safety or wellbeing of the family.

Those who are organising and facilitating the moves also recognise the complexity of these factors.  HR and Global Mobility professionals work to keep abreast of changing international situations alongside an assignee’s needs.

I spoke about this complexity recently at a global conference (#FIGT2019 inBangkok) and about the thinking styles that are most suited to working with complexity. The attendees represented many of these groups –those who move, those who arrange the moves and those who support and advise in the transition.

We discussed the patterns of thinking we each naturally preferred and how they fitted into the complexity framework

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