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Building Cultural Intelligence with Trisha Carter

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Insiders and Outsiders – the pain and the gain

Panelists Trisha Carter, Ryan Haynes, Marian van Bakel at #FIGT16NL

In 2016, I led a panel at a Conference in Amsterdam.  ‘Insiders and Outsiders –Is Belonging Overrated?’. 

It was the conference of Families in Global Transition an organisation that speaks to the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures globally.

The people who were there were expats, migrants, global nomads.  But most of them weren’t the employee who was moved.

They were the partners and the children of those who had been moved around the world by corporations, diplomatic corps, military, missionary, or NGOs.  They were the people who fell in love and moved cultures to be with their partner, raising children who represent different cultures, speak multiple languages.  They were the people who had returned ‘home’ to find they no longer felt ‘at home’. And they were the educators, the service providers, the researchers and the writers who tell the stories and support these groups on their journeys.

If anyone knew about being on the outside – these conference attendees did

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Saved Webinar: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Global Leadership

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Global leadership - the challenge of the 21st Century. 

What does a leader need to be effective in a global organization?  Leading people from different countries, different cultures, with different languages, experiences and perceptions can be challenging.

Research shows that cultural intelligence can make a difference in successful global leadership.  What is cultural intelligence (CQ)?  How can leaders increase their cultural intelligence and how will it impact their leadership?

These are the questions we focused on in this webinar.

I interviewed an expert in the field of leadership and Learning and Development and one of my favourite facilitators.  Kerry Rosser has worked with leaders at all stages of their leadership journey.  She has designed and facilitated leadership training at senior levels for some of Australia’s largest businesses, and coached leaders in executive roles. Her leadership development experience also includes training and coaching leaders from government and academia. 

With a degree in adult education and postgraduate accreditations from the University of NSW and Harvard University Kerry can help you with leadership skill growth.  Together we looked at how CQ can enhance your leadership skills in the global arena.


Benefits of Diversity

Surprisingly there are still many people in the business world who are not really open to welcoming a diverse group to the business table.

There’s no doubt that diversity can bring some challenges and that’s often where the conversation starts. But I’ve always hated the problem-oriented approach.  In this blog I want to focus on the benefits of a diverse group.

What can we gain if our organisations do what needs to be done to support and develop diversity?

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