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Some things change… and some things stay the same

 - 20 Years of diverse mobile lives 

In March the Families in Global Transition conference was held in The Hague.  It was a celebration of 20 Years - a chance to look back at the beginnings of FIGT, to look at where we are today and reflect on where we want to go.

The speakers and presenters reviewed the past, considered problems and envisaged the future.  It struck me, from a Global Mobility perspective – when it comes to supporting families in global transition -  some things have massively changed and some things remain the same.

What has changed? 

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Globally Mobile - the family story

Sometimes, when I’m training or coaching international assignees it can feel like I’m in a Harvard Business Review case study

I can appreciate and understand the opportunities and challenges that the international assignee is facing.  I recognise the pressures on organisations globally to succeed and I’m familiar with the skills and competencies needed by those assignees in their new locations.  I am also familiar with the pressures faced by global mobility to get the assignee in country and operating as quickly as possible while keeping within the global policies of talent management, remuneration and benefits, and of course the international laws of immigration and taxation. 

But sometimes it’s the personal challenges that are most difficult to assist with. 

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New Country, New School?

At this time of year many in the northern hemisphere are looking at beginning a new school year.  For those who have relocated globally the challenges of a new school are often compounded by a new location, a new culture and possibly a new language. 

We all know the impact that family issues can have on a successful global transition and that’s why my co-author Rachel and I decided this webinar should be available, without cost, to anyone who is interested.  We are very excited to have our guest expert: Julia Simens. a widely respected author, international speaker and educator, who will be sharing both her personal and professional perspective on...

New Country, New School?

You’ve moved!  A new job, new home, new city, new country – but the greatest challenge is often found in school.  Changing schools can be tough for children in any location.  But add culture, language, different teaching styles, a new curriculum, unfamiliar rules, and no friends to the mix?  This could be tricky!

What can you do to help your child adapt well to their new school?  For more information and to register click here.


Wrap your children in a rainbow

Moving globally may be a great career move for you, or an opportunity for your global adventure, but your child may be viewing the move from a less positive perspective.

Children’s concerns over leaving friends, loved ones or the home they have known are best acknowledged and supported. 

This weekend I was reminded of a great way to do that. 

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