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Cross Cultural Communication - what about it?

After a recent workshop on Misunderstandings, Misperceptions, Missed Opportunities - the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication – I felt like I had just scratched the surface with a multi-lingual, multi-national, multicultural group. I would have loved to have the time to unpick the topic further with them all - so decided to explore it further via this blog.  

Yes, culture can interfere with communication in many ways. The misunderstandings, misperceptions and missed opportunities are real.

On reflection, I told myself that they already knew that – if not explicitly in relation to all the things we discussed, but they knew that intuitively. They had felt that in the different places they had lived, worked and built relationships; the boardrooms, schoolrooms, staff rooms, lunch rooms, living rooms, shops and cafes you’ve frequented. 

What do we do about it? 

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Mindfulness - a building block for cultural intelligence

Last month I wrote about mindfulness – how it can help us in a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and changing world.

 Mindfulness is also a critical component of cultural intelligence.  If you are living or working in a different culture or working with people from different cultural backgrounds it will be helpful for you.  So let’s look at what mindfulness is and consider how it relates to cultural intelligence.

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Saved Webinar: CQ and Mentoring

What are the important things to consider in setting up a mentoring program?  

What are some of the potential stumbling blocks in mentoring relationships?

How should mentors be trained or supported?

Can Cultural Intelligence help a mentor to be more effective in situations of diversity?  

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What does Courage have to do with Cultural Intelligence?

A few weeks ago I asked, “What do we want to see in future leaders?” acknowledging that the world is changing and leaders are needed who can lead in the new environment.  Then I discovered that the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, with the help of Deloitte, had given the question an excellent answer. 

Their paper, “Fast Forward:  Leading in a brave new world of diversity” highlights three foundational shifts in the business environment

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Nelson Mandela – An example of high Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

I first heard of Nelson Mandela as a uni student on protest marches in the 80s. 

“Remember Sharpeville, Remember Soweto, Remember Mandela.”

 At that point my focus was on a cause rather than on a man.  Then I learnt more about his life, his experiences and his journey and grew to admire him and gain inspiration from him. 

Since his death others have written about his strengths and his deeds, and many of his qualities. I want to focus on one aspect; his cultural intelligence – a capability he demonstrated in many ways.

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